Jul 2014


Working on a new little ring holder to go by the sink or maybe just an art piece…

Throw Back Thursday

Holy Cow! i have my first, and probably only ever,#ThrowBackThursday and i am sure i have that spelled wrong as well here she goes: this was made for my beautiful husband since i can't convince him to wear 'necklaces' (LOL)


So we go from a small pendant fledgling to a full grown necklace at home in the river rocks… i'm so proud!!!


I am so happy people love rocks as much as i do!!! more to come on the status of our lonely and bare copper rock at the bottom-left corner of this photo. Shall we call her Emmy? (Rock led to mossy forest, which led to green, which led to Emerald, which led to Emmy…. Scary inside access to my thought process)